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Fast Pain Relief & Athletic Performance Without Drugs

Did you know that modern medicine is now responsible for a third of all deaths and that 80% of these prescribed drugs are painkillers? Painpod3 blocks and disrupts the pain signals so they can't get to your brain. However, it goes much further than this and it uses scientifically proven waveforms that increase blood flow, improve oxygenation, reduce inflammation and speed up healing. There is a pdf brochure link at the bottom of the page. I am currently able to ship PainPod3 to the UK & EU only.

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My PainPod3 Product Video

Check out this great video about our compact and robust personal therapy biotechnology that provides both pain relief  and performance boosting athletic results and rapid recovery without the need for drugs. It is used by Olympic athletes with over 12 million units sold. 


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Pain Pod Brochure (pdf)