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The Truth

My lightbulb moment happened during a period of serious ill health. Through my research I discovered the link behind health, nutrition, soil depletion, food production, the medical world and the big pharmaceutical companies. I was completely shocked by what I discovered. Everything I grew up believing was changed forever and I decided I needed to be a part of raising awareness. You must give your body all the raw materials it requires in order to maintain and renew itself in order to enjoy a healthy and disease free state. It is no longer possible to do that without plant mineral supplementation. 

My Discovery

I have learnt that over the last 80 years there has been a direct correlation between the rise of illness and disease and the decline in the levels of plant derived minerals left in the soils due to modern farming techniques, acid rain, pollution, NPK fertilisers and the use of modern medicines. Corruption and greed are to blame. The facts have been well documented and agreed upon within the scientific community. I have joined the voice of the few that are committed to raise this issue and support the development of products that can address our basic human needs.

Life Changing Products

I encountered a remarkable man with the most amazing story. He developed a vegan product that contains all of the Earths rare and original 75 plant derived minerals. This one product is the spark plug that can fire your bodies own natural defences and should be considered the foundation for all nutrition. It is the core product at the centre of the business that is making a real difference in peoples lives (testimonials). I'd love to invite you to learn more about our unique plant derived minerals , fizzy vitamins, other cutting edge supplements, and the great business opportunity.  Click below to visit my shop.